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role play /ˈrōl ˌplā/ act out or perform the part of a person or character

Role Play is becoming increasingly popular in our modern culture. It awakens our fantasies and allows us to act them out in a sexual manner. Browse any porn site today and you are guaranteed to encounter a multitude of role play videos and genres depicting every scenario imaginable. Role Playing empowers you to break free from the mainstream missionary style, and allows you to become someone else for the night.

Why Role Play? Over the years, long term relationships have a tendency to become stale; it’s common. It’s so easy to get caught up in everyday responsibilities: kids, bills, jobs etc., that we forget how to be sexy. We put romance on the back burner, despite our craving for intimacy and excitement in the bedroom. It’s human nature to wonder what it’s like to be or to be with someone else. Creating sensuous scenarios in the privacy of our own minds keeps us free from judgement. So why not bring those fantasies to light and share them with your significant other. If date night has become nothing more than dinner and obligatory sex, then it might be time for some Role Play! But how do you introduce it in your relationship and make it successful? We’ve put together some top tips for you!

Getting started: Introduce the idea to your partner: Be direct! One of the most important aspects of a successful role play relationship, is the ability to communicate. While you may feel intimidated at the idea, you need to be able to talk truthfully about what turns you on. Ask them how they feel about sharing your fantasy with you. Remember, your partner cannot read your mind. It’s time to break out of routine. Who knows? You may be pleasantly surprised at their reaction.

Discuss your fantasies: Have you ever been on a long flight and daydreamed about the hot stewardess giving you a lap dance and undressing you seductively? How about your sexy boss who demands you work overtime; meeting in the boardroom to make you ‘earn’ a raise? Dreams can come true! One of the advantages of being in a committed relationship, is that there is usually a higher level of comfort and trust. Being confident to talk openly about fantasies, turn-ons, being able to be silly and show our vulnerabilities; allows us to build a stronger connection and bond with each other. Discussing sexy scenarios in the morning can have you contemplating the dirty details all day long. The anticipation of something new in the bedroom is exhilarating! It’s like mental foreplay. Break through your Inhibitions: By now the hard part is over! Or is it? Now that you’re one step closer to fulfilling your erotic appetite, what happens if you suddenly feel shy, introverted. What if your role play idea feels awkward? It’s natural! Go with it! A temporary lack of self-confidence is a result of self imposed restrictions we place on ourselves. When trying anything new, it is reasonable to feel a little uneasy in the beginning. Breathe! Remember the benefits! You’re not trying out for an academy award. This is your life partner and you’re in this together. Broaden your horizons and slowly step out of your comfort zone.

Put your plan into action: Role Playing is a turn-on. It allows you to act out your desires with your partner and adds to the eroticism in your relationship. Fantasies of school-girls, seducing the boss, trading sex for favors; subjects once considered taboo, can now be turned into a steamy date night. The key to a successful role play is to really get into character. Don’t worry about creating the perfect scenario; let it shape itself. Together, decide on the scene; the characters, buy a sexy costume, use props and be creative. Break out of stereotypes: Are you typically the dominant in the relationship? Try being the submissive for a change of pace. Now that you’re ready to let the fun begin, how do you create a scenario? It’s easy! Deviate Essentials has done it for you. It offers a new way to role play with their DV8 Dare™ Erotic Coupon Book. This book gives you 12 of the top sexy scenarios to try at home, and features 24 scenes from mild to wild to start you on your way.

Remember: DO talk this through with your partner. DO allow yourself to slowly grow beyond your comfort zone DO respect your partners’ boundaries DO reflect on the experience and discuss how you can expand on them for next time

Author ~ Mrs DV8


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