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Lets talk about the lifestyle and swinging

Thought about Swinging? We have the tools you need to help you along. 

The swingers lifestyle has been making a few headlines lately.

You may have thought it was a myth or something from the 70's or maybe even something done in shady back street motels.


Truth be told the Swing Lifestyle or as most who do it call it "The Lifestyle"

It's alive and well and thriving all over the world with millions of couples and singles swinging world wide; according to SDC (Swingers Date Club). The world's largest international swingers website. 

It's happening in your neighborhood up the street very likely in your own town.


No it's not your creepy neighbor that you always suspected was hiding something or those dirty craigslist ads you used to see. 

It's Lawyers, nurses, teachers all walks of life; we've met them all and that was just at the last party we attended. 

We've come along way from swinger personal ads in dirty new stand magazines.

There are websites hundreds of them, social media platforms, private facebook groups. Thanks to the internet, It's everywhere.


Where to go? How do we or I meet swingers? Is it safe? So many questions.

This is where it gets tricky, you don't want to dive right in and try to swing this weekend. This is something you wan't to explore and learn about before you and your partner take the plunge. 

Is swinging right for you?

Lets start with you as a single or couple. You've gotten this far so that's a start. 

Now that we've established you are not alone in having fantasies and desires to swing, many happy couples/singles are doing it.


If you are in a relationship you have to start with the conversation about the swingers lifestyle. 

Renowned Sexologist Dr Jess explains it well in this article. 

5 Things You Need to Know Before Swinging

Once you've established this is what you want to do take the next step and find out where to meet these elusive swingers. 

Yes elusive describes it pretty well, although swinging is more mainstream than it ever was, it's still a very discreet lifestyle and many of us out there like to keep it that way. 

Where to go?

As fore mentioned in the article the do's & do nots of getting into the lifestyle. There are many websites out there claiming, hook-up and people that want to fuck in your area. You may have seen MF4MF personal ads on forum sites such as reddit and slimier sites.

Don't do it!  

We've reviewed our favorite swinger sites to show you the places to meet and get connected to swingers anywhere on the planet!

Check out our blog for the best and most highly recommended Swinger sites 

Which Swinger site is best for us?

We find many of these sites are demographically challenged, as some may be wildly popular in your area others may not. We highly recommend signing up for free trials to get a sense of the number of members in your part of the country and see what's happening in your area by way of meet & greets parties and events. We also review the social aspects and accessibility of each site.


Individual pricing varies for each site so we'll refrain from posting the actual price as they may change. We will however, discuss the value of what you pay for vs. what you get for free.






SDC - Swingers Date Club

SDC Swingers Date Club, the world's largest and oldest swingers' site, has long been one of our favorites.

Not only do they take swinging seriously, they get you involved in many ways the other sites do not.

We admit it's a little tricky to navigate, partly because there is so much to see and do; it can be overwhelming sometimes.

We've been using SDC for over 10 years and we are still discovering new things.

The fact that SDC is a global site means you can travel the world and experience an SDC party or event.


Due to amazing work by the SDC staff, the majority of the sites members are "real" couples. You can be rest assured that you won't be hassled by pushy single men and fake internet trolls. Those get weeded out quickly by the attentive staff. Be aware of the sites rules as these are for your protection and safety.









SDC has tons of free informative content available right on their website. SDC is renowned for lifestyle related travel destinations around the world.

The dating portion of SDC offers a free trial membership with paid plans ranging from monthly plans to lifetime memberships.

Paid memberships have access to all of the site features and improves your chances to meet other members in the lifestyle.

Free Trial - Offers a free trial membership - Click the banner above to go to the site.

Navigation - Takes a while to get the hang of it.

Social Platform -

You have options to "friend" other members and interact via instant messenger.

Key features:

Mobile App

Parties, Clubs and Events calendar

Travel Events and Calendar

Member contests and perks

Speed dating

Instant messenger

Access to lifestyle groups in your area.


Tricky to navigate. The chat rooms are light, there is no real social platform on this site.

Our favorite extras:

We love the bold "who's online" feature, and the access to unlimited knowledge base from multiple credible sources. It's the ultimate site for lifestyle related travel destinations and events as well as lifestyle related businesses.

The staff is extremely hands on and helpful, which we find important in a lifestyle website.

The site is well regulated, so you won't find a bunch of fake profiles and trollers on this site.







Kasidie is unique among the top swinger sites as it offers a powerful social platform.

One of the biggest perks is that it is free to use and does offer a free elite membership trial.


The site boasts itself as a social community for sexually adventurous couples in the lifestyle. The meaning of the word Kasidie represents open minded uninhibited people who enjoy life to the fullest.

You would need to create a detailed profile to access this website, which gets into the nitty gritty of your likes and dislikes. It may feel intrusive at first but you'll find this information useful when viewing other members profiles.


Kasidie has a familiar look and feel to it, we find it's pretty easy and fun to navigate.

It has all the features of a social media platform such as the ability to; like, chat, friend, flirt and even invite other members to join you at a party!

You can give other members "shout outs" and post on each others wall just like on facebook.

Discreet mode lets you view the site, while hiding explicit photos. This is to our knowledge, a unique feature to Kasidie.


There is a lot of freedom that comes with using this site as you are not very restricted as to things you can do on here.

For example, if you have a favorite website or maybe like to chat using other platforms, you can share these with other members without retribution.

This site is predominantly couples which is also refreshing. Though this site is pretty lax, we've not seen any issues with fake profiles and pushy males.














Kasidie is free to use with access to most of the sites features, including the ability to communicate with other members.

You can upgrade to the Elite status for a low monthly fee or lifetime membership.

As with any dating site, other members tend to take paid members more seriously than free members. This shows a level of commitment and that you are not just trolling the site.

Free Trial - Offers an "Elite" status free trial membership. Click the banner above to go to the site.

Navigation - Easy and fun

Social Platform

Has all of your favorite social features, including options to "friend" members, like, comment, and interact via instant messenger. This makes Kasidie the top of our list as far as social aspects are concerned.

Key features:

Local and National Lifestyle Communities

Lifestyle Related Businesses


Parties and Events

Discreet Viewing feature


Facebook style social platform

Mobile App

Instant messenger

Parties and Events calendar

Travel and events

Member contests and perks

Access to lifestyle groups in your area.


So far the bulk of the demographics are on the West Coast United States, where this site was founded. Our sources at Kasidie tell us that they are actively pushing East which is exciting!

Our favorite extras:

Easy to navigate, we love the Facebook style social media platform.

You can see what your friends are up to, get event invites and updates on what's happening. So much to do on this site to keep you coming back.

The staff is friendly and helpful and very active in the lifestyle. We find that to always be a plus!







SLS - Swing Lifestyle

We have a love hate relationship with Swinglifestyle commonly known as SLS. We love the fact that it's a popular site, it's easy to use and has a clean no frills platform.


SLS is undoubtedly a hook up site. It's a hop on/hop off swinger site for getting dates, meeting new members and party central ranging from house parties to mega hotel takeovers. The chat rooms, forums and groups are very active here.


They boast an impressive collection of party hosts and events to the point where it can get over whelming at times. The party platform lumps house parties and legitimate lifestyle events together so it can be tough to discern between the two, which can be confusing for new members.

There is no doubt that you'll find a party or hook up on this site. Members come and go often so you may get a few wham bam thank you ma'ams during your tenure on SLS.


Single males and trollers are pretty rampant on this site, so it can be a bit of a task to weed through to find a match.

Fortunately, members are pretty active with certifications or "Certs" on this site. A Cert is kind of like a review for members, so if your looking for legitimacy in a member you should start there. The downside, is that if you're new you should definitely get a cert fast and have your profile up to snuff with content and plenty of G-Rated pictures.


That's pretty much where it ends for us, SLS struggles with it's identity regularly.

The site rules and platform are in a constant state of flux.

Being on the site for over 10 years, we never know from one day to the next what changes to expect when we log on. It's notorious for Facebook style jail terms and does not discriminate between new members and old. Even an incorrectly posted "hot date" can get you a light sentence in SLS jail.


The site is very glitchy with its constant changes. Recently to the dismay of many members, it has eliminated it's email system, leaving only it's chat/IM feature as the primary form of communication. This makes it difficult to keep track of conversations you may be having with other members of the site.

We find most members migrate to another chat platform once making a connection which is another no no that can get you some jail time.

The staff is non existent here. You're pretty much on your own, unless you break a rule as aforementioned.












This site is affordable. SLS is pretty much useless if you do not have a paid membership. They offer a free trial with all access, and you can purchase a monthly to lifetime membership at a reasonable costs. We recommend the upgrade, as membership definitely has its privileges. You cannot beat having a lifetime membership to this site.

Free Trial - SLS offers a free trial. Click the banner above to go to the site.

Navigation - Very easy

Social Platform -

None to speak of, chat rooms are pretty dry. No real way to let members know you're interested, other than reaching out to them via messenger. No friends list to see who you may have in common.


They have added a community based, interactive wall. It seems a bit confusing; but it's a start along the lines of adding the social aspect this site was lacking.

They've added a friends list as well pending future changes in true SLS style.

Key features:

Mobile App

SLS Radio station

Parties, Clubs and Events calendar


Travel Events and Cruises

Hot Date Calendar

Access to lifestyle groups in your area.


Difficult mail / messaging system can make it hard to keep track of conversations you are having with different members. This site is very buggy and can be frustrating sometimes.

One glaring problem is that it's difficult to decipher legitimate parties and events from some guy with a hotel room calling himself the "Red Room Parties" That can be scary for some as you may not know what you are walking into. Rules, Rules, Rules! We think they are extremely important in the lifestyle but SLS is over the top in all the wrong places.

Our favorite extras:

Easy hook ups, easy to navigate. This sites simplicity makes it a go to site for a quick hook up, since there isn't much in the way of distractions. Affordable lifetime membership option is the way to go on this site. If you're in it for the long term, you should definitely add SLS to your list of sites to join. If you're looking to add a single male or female to your mix, you'll have no trouble here. Be sure to check their "certs" first.







AFF - Adult Friend Finder

Friend finder is more the generic "Fuck a person in your area tonight" website that you see ads for on porn sites. Adult Friend Finder or AFF as it's known to users, is the most legitimate of the so called fuck sites.


"Let's just put it out there that it's safe to click the ads on this site as we personally use anything we advertise on our site" ;)


Though technically not a swingers site (in our opinion). Let's not mince words, AFF is more of a fuck site with plenty of real swingers in the mix.

SLS, SDC and Kasidie are predominately for couples, have clean profiles and promote meeting friends in the lifestyle.


AFF is raunchy if that's your thing. If you are an exhibitionist and looking to flaunt your stuff, then this is your site. If you're looking to go hardcore, no doubt you'll find what you are looking for here. If you're into gangbangs, fucking on your webcam and a never ending barrage of single men. This might be the site for you.


There are also tons and tons of single guys, if that's what you're looking for. Though that may sound great, you may find it difficult to navigate the hundreds of dick pics to find a real mature guy who is actually willing to meet.


Be careful not to get sucked into hours and hours of sex chat that goes nowhere. It's why most people are on this site. The prospect of swinging appeals to the masses, but doing it as opposed simply chatting it up can really bog you down.


AFF has many great features and offers a whole network of websites to fit your lifestyle choices; including sites for Seniors, Millionaires, a fetish themed site known as Alt to name a few.

The chat and cam rooms are off the charts! You'll never be bored on this site. AFF is sure to get your libido pumping, the issue with that is you may be doing a lot of pumping yourself. The constant sex chat, web cams, nude model cams ads for fuck games and porn sites. This can lead to more masturbation and less dating.









Pricey. Though you can do a lot of flirting for free on this site, it's not worth it for moderate swingers unless you are really into its extra features.

Free Trial - AFF offers a free trial, click the banner above to go to the site.

Navigation - Pretty cut & dry.

Social Platform -

You can flirt, chat, like and post on friend's walls. You can also have a friends list and 'hotlist' your favorite members.

Key features:

Cupid Matches

Chat and Webcam rooms

Tons of members

Flirt and hotlist feature

Tip and gift members

Adult communities and groups


No events calendar which is essential for serious swingers. Way too many dick pics, pornographic photos, videos and ads. Expensive to maintain, there is no lifetime membership option so you'll always have to pay to use its gold features.

Trolls, bots and Pic collectors galore, beware.

Our favorite extras:

It's a no holds barr site, plenty of sex and nudity to keep you occupied.

We've never been bored on this site and there is never a lack of new members.

We love the 'hotlist' and flirt features, the chat rooms are always active day and night.








Fet - FetLife

Oh boy! I have to admit Mr DV8 was on the fence with this site for a long time. We joined FetLife better known as FET, years before we actively used it.

We won't classify this one as a predominantly Swingers site, but this is definitely one you should have in your arsenal if you are a swinger.

If you've been searching for an alternative to Craigslist this is the site for you.

FET bills itself as a social networking site for the BDSM and Fetish community, but it's way more than that. You have to get your footing on this site to find what you're into. Once you do, you're in for one hell of a ride.

For us, Fet appealed to Mrs DV8's love for the BDSM aspect of the lifestyle. Fetishes such as spanking, flogging, roleplay, doms/submissives rule this site.


I was more apprehensive basically having the biased opinion that this site was just for the BDSM community and had little to offer anyone who wasn't hardcore in that aspect of the lifestyle.

That is until I dug deep into the groups on this site; to find no matter what you're into or what you didn't even know you were into, it's here and then some.

Nothing is taboo on this site so it can be over the top. If you've ever had a sexual fantasy (we all do) this is the mecca of fetish sites, it all here.


Not much along the lines of phonies and trollers, these people are the real deal. This site is definitely for more advanced Swingers.

The site it socially driven, a little like Kasidie, but not as advanced. FET is simplistic in design and offers a wealth of information.

It's a little tricky to navigate when trying to find the locals, not much in the way of regional or random searches. You more or less have to stumble upon what you are looking for.


Costs: Free! The site is free to use with 90% of it's features available to it's community.

They do encourage a small $5 per month donation, which is a drop in the bucket for what you get in return. There are interesting ways to donate including using old gift cards You'll have to see for yourself.

Navigation - Relatively simple to navigate though it can be tricky to figure out how to find what you are looking for. Its search feature is pretty generic.

Social Platform -

FetLife is a highly interactive, community driven, website. It has all the basic features of a social media site. The ability to love pics, posts and make comments, join groups friend members & more.

Key features:

Free to use

Tons of Lifestyle Groups


Interactive social platform

Mobile App - Android

Every Kink imaginable


FET's generic search feature makes it tricky to find what you are looking for. This can make this site extremely frustrating. There is no place to post private pics, whatever you post is for all to see. No real way to be discreet on this site.

It's not for everybody, we do not suggest this site for newbies just getting started.

Some members can be very standoffish especially if they are hardcore in the BDSM lifestyle. You won't get that warm newbie welcome you'll find on the swinger sites.

Our favorite extras:

Groups! So many groups, it's like going down the rabbit hole.

Love the social platform! Once you are familiar with the site is fun to use.

Explore every kink imaginable, no trolls or fakes that we've noticed. We find this is uncommon for a free site, but we won't complain.







MEWE - Social Chat Site

While not a swingers site per se, we've found that this is a great platform for chatting with other like minded adults aka swingers. It's mainly a mobile app but can be used on your desktop as well.


It's a little hard to navigate starting out, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to use.

There are many swingers chat groups on here, the catch is they are not so easy to find.

Once you get plugged in you're in and you'll get invited to more chat groups as you go.


Beware! Don't put yourself out there on this site. We recommend discreet screen names and no head shots. Stick with body shots.

This site is loaded with trolls and pic collectors. Try and stick with private / regulated chat groups when you find them.


Nudity is frowned upon according to MEWE's user agreement, but we've yet to see anyone get booted in the three years we've been on this site. There's nudity and a lot of it.


It's a fun way to stay in touch with your swinger friends and a great way to chat with and interact with like minded individuals. It's free to use with a paid option, so there is no reason not to try it.

With the demise of many other social platforms for adults to use, we found mewe to be a sweet spot in the unforgiving environment of social sites with strict jail terms for any sexual related activities.

Check out our MEWE chat group here.


So, there you have it. Something for everyone.

Still have questions? 


We've created ask dv8 exclusively for

questions about the the lifestyle.

If you're curious and are looking for answers

shoot us a message. 

click here from more information​


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