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Deviate Network Releases New 'DV8 Dare' Spinner Games for Swingers


NEW YORK — The Deviate Network has released two new pocket spinner games in its DV8 Dare series of erotic games for swingers.

DV8 Lil’ Spinners the Playful Pineapple and the Naughty Pineapple, a rep explained, “are the perfect mild and wild way, respectively, to break the ice and get things going on a play date or at a swingers lifestyle party.

“We’re always on the hunt for new ways that help couples to break the ice with each other and make it easier to approach others in the lifestyle,” the rep added.

The Playful Pineapple Lil Spinner (milder) and its Naughty Pineapple counterpart (wilder) have eight interactive dares designed for “perfect for sexy uninhibited fun almost anywhere,” the rep added.

For more information, visit and

Industry professionals can contact the Deviate Network via


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