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To swing or not to swing?

Dear DV8

"My partner wants to get into the lifestyle, but i am nervous. I feel like i am holding him back because of my own insecurities. Should i do it anyway?"

Panic in the lifestyle - New York

Dear Panic

"The lifestyle is an exploration of the sexual boundaries in your relationship and is something that should be shared as a couple to enhance your fantasies.

If your not comfortable with the idea, then you need to put on the breaks. The lifestyle is not a one sided affair, you both need to be comfortable with the lifestyle before you proceed" - Mr DV8

"Entering into anything new can be a little overwhelming and scary. It's never a good idea to do something that you're uncomfortable with, especially when it comes to swinging. The lifestyle can be an amazing experience, but if you enter into swinging before your concerns are addressed, then your experience will not be a positive one. The idea of swinging has already been brought up, so why not continue the conversation. Try and find the root of your insecurities; , communicate any hesitation with your partner. - Mrs DV8

Our take?

Discuss this with your partner. If you decide to move forward, set some ground rules. When you're both ready, you can start as slowly as you are comfortable, perhaps by attending off-premise Meet and Greets. If you still feel uncomfortable, retreat together as a couple.

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