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Recent Posts Deviate Releases 'Full Swap' Expansion Pack for 'DV8 Dare' Erotic Card Games

Deviate is in the News with our newest addition to our DV8 Dare line of erotic games



The Deviate Network announces release DV8 Dare™ Erotic Card Game Expansion Pack!

New York — The Deviate Network LLC, New York based lifestyle promoters and producers of the popular DV8 Dare line of erotic games, announced today the long-anticipated release of their Full Swap expansion pack; an enhancement to their popular line of Erotic Card Games for the alternative lifestyles. Created Exclusively For Swingers By Swingers™

The Deviate Essentials line of DV8 Dare™ Erotic Games were first created for the swingers and alternative lifesyles in 2014 and has since grown to be International Best Sellers.!

The Full Swap Expansion Pack can be combined with any of the previous line of DV8 Dare Erotic Card games. It’s games are designed to take players from mild to wild erotic dares and now to extreme full swap play!

“Our fans have grown in the lifestyle with us and we felt it was time to release more extreme dares that would test new boundaries for veteran swingers during gameplay.” Based on our experience, we’ve created these 20 Extreme Full Swap Dares as the most sought-after fantasies in the lifestyle. These dares complement our four popular erotic card games to the DV8 Dare games already on the market.

“We’re still proud that our unique product line has been so well received, not only across the Country, but Internationally as well. We are looking forward to being able to keep expanding our popular product line”.

All Deviate Essentials products are available on and

Industry professionals can contact us a



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