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In the News! Deviate Network Releases 'DV8 Dare Role Play' Erotic Coupons Game

xbiz.com - Lyn Bimey - Dec 31, 2019

NEW YORK — The Deviate Network has released of DV8 Dare Role Play Erotic Coupons Game, Couples Edition.

The new game is the latest installment in the line of DV8 Dare Erotic Card Games, which cater to “alternative lifestyles.”

"We've often felt that we needed to create a version of our product line that caters to everyday couples of all sexual orientations looking to ‘spice things up’ in their relationships,” The Deviate Network said. “We first introduced role play scenarios into our DV8 Dare Fetish Edition Game and wanted to expand on that end of the lifestyle, while still making the game accessible to everyone.”

The game features top role-play scenarios in a 12-month format to encourage couples to try new scenarios each month of the year. It offers one "mild" and one "on the wild side," which takes it a step further as a Dare.

“We encourage players to have fun, be creative and take their role play out of the house, and included suggestions for ‘sexy accessories’ and props to spice up each scenario,” the company said. “We feel the key to a successful role play is to really get into character.”

The game also features Dominant and Submissive role reversals to encourage players to see how far they're willing to take it. Couples can take turns playing the Dominant or Submissive parts in the roles in order to explore their deepest fantasies with no limits.

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