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First time hook up? Confused would be swingers.

Dear DV8

"'Getting out is a big production, we're NOT empty nesters , so entertaining at home is not an option. It's our first time Swinging, if we make a date with a couple where and how do we meet? Do we pre-book a hotel? What happens if they don't show? Our time is precious. "

Confused in FL - Florida

Dear Confused in FL

"The first date can be nerve-wracking and this is an excellent question! I say, it depends. I don't like to be presumptuous, but I do like to be prepared. Is the other couple willing to play on the first date? How far are you traveling? What happens if you meet the couple and there is no connection? These are some things you should consider before you pre-book a hotel room, and most of these questions can be answered before you even meet. Another option is, pre-book the room and if it doesn't work out with the couple, then spend a quality sexy evening alone with your partner without the children." - Mrs DV8

"I still remember our first (other date) We went in with no expectations, we even discussed making the bed before we left just in case. Well, we ended up making the bed with our dates in the living room. Case in point, it's good to be prepared but never set yourself up for disappointment.

It's never a waste of time getting out of the house and doing something spontaneous, getting dressed up and feeling sexy for a mysterious night out can be fun if they show and you like them all the better. Make sure you let them know how valuable your time is and if there's a chance they can't make it to let you know in advance.

It doesn't hurt to see if there are any meet & greets in your area, it makes for a great meet up spot and a guaranteed great place to meet some new couples in your area.

Not a bad fall back plan either ." - Mr DV8

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