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Our Story

The Deviate Network has been in the lifestyle business for over 10 years.  As event hosts, we are committed to providing fun and exciting ways for our guests to interact and break the ice.

We had purchased numerous games to play at our events, and found they were not sexy or interactive and were not conducive to 'play'. In addition, we couldn’t find anything on the market that was geared towards people in the alternative lifestyles. 

In 2015, DV8 Dare™ Erotic Lifestyle Games were created!

We started with prototypes for each game, and used attendees at lifestyle events for our focus groups. This gave us the opportunity to see first-hand what worked and what didn’t.  We have taken that positive feedback, and created 5 games to date.  Our slogan 'Created for Swingers by Swingers'™ lets our customers know that our products are genuine lifestyle games. 

Our 6th game is scheduled for release in early 2020.   


See our products and find out more at


The Deviate Network's Deviate Essentials™ Product line of erotic games for

couples and adult parties. This product line is available on our website,, as well as for wholesale distribution.

To sell these products on your website fill out the application below and we will

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Wholesale / Retail

DV8 Dare Swingers Edition 2021 Photo.png
DV8 Dare Erotic Card Game Swingers Edition


This edition is the first ever dare game 'Created Exclusively for Swingers, by Swingers™ Sexy Ice Breaker Dares and Erotic Wild Dares

The number one game of it's kind in the world!

Played by swingers on every Continent and a favorite for Lifestyle Hosts, Resorts and Clubs. The Swingers Edition has Mild Ice Breakers to Wild Dares that create
a progression to ease your guests in hardcore play action. 


Features two decks; Icebreakers and Wild Dares, a blindfold, and very easy instructions to follow, which allows players to quickly get to know each other better for a naughty night in. 

DV8 Dare™ Erotic Card Game for the Lifestyle


This erotic lifestyle game features

55 Unique Dares including Wild Dares, a blindfold and very easy instructions to follow. 

Deviate Dare™ is the ultimate erotic dare game. Developed for maximum naughty entertainment. Sexy uninhibited dares that spice up any intimate adult get together. Erotic Dare lets you dive right in to play, not for the timid. 

DV8 Dare ED Lifestyle Edition 2021 Image
DV8 Dare Fetish Edition High Rez Main.png
DV8 Dare™ Erotic Card Game Fetish Edition


Our Kinky installment of the wildly popular DV8 Dare™ Series!


DV8 Dare™ Fetish Edition is the third installment to the wildly popular DV8 Dare™ Series.  It allows the players to explore an intro to kink; such as panties, body worship, blindfolds, eroticism, and light bdsm.  Get ready to explore your kinky side!  

It's the Ultimate Icebreaker for kinky adult Party fun

DV8 Dare Pong™ Adult Party Game 


Nominated XBIZ 2016 Adult Game of the Year

DV8 Dare Pong is a portable beer pong table cover that can be placed over any existing pong table, turning beer pong into DV8 Dare Pong.


This game features 20 unique dares from mild to wild, vibrantly printed on a high-quality, wrinkle-free cloth table cover.


Four players play the game as they would beer pong, with a sexy twist.


DV8 Dare Pong is a must-have at any adult party or event."

Deviate Dare Pong Turn Any Beer Pong Table into Dare Pong
DV8 Dare Roleplay Edition Xbiz Game of t
DV8 Dare™ RolePlay Erotic Coupons
Couples Edition


The newest installment of the wildly popular DV8 Dare™ Erotic Games Series!

RolePlay is the fifth installment to the DV8 Dare™ Series that's become a worldwide phenomenon in the alternative and swingers lifestyles.

Our couples edition encourages couples of all sexual orientations to spice up their sex life and explore their naughty side with various RolePlay scenarios. 



We’ve taken the top erotic scenarios and put them together in one game.  




Dedicated to Sexually Social Lifestyle Parties

Now more than ever, smaller more intimate parties are gaining in popularity 

We’ve developed a product that isn’t just a game, but a socially erotic experience for hosts and party guests 

This game immerses the pleasure seekers in a progressively interactive journey from a social icebreaker Meet & Mingle, to sexy After Party foreplay and playtime. 

Meet & Mingle Swinger Party Edition -- where the game is the party

DV8 Dare Meet & Mingle Swinger Party Edi
Meet n Mingle The Game Web Site Promo Ba

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