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In The News Deviate Launches 6th Edition of 'DV8 Dare' Erotic Card Games

NEW YORK — The Deviate Network has announced the release of the sixth version of its DV8 Dare line of erotic games with "DV8 Dare Meet & Mingle: Swinger Party Edition."

The company's "DV8 Dare RolePlay Erotic Coupons: Couples Edition" was nominated for a 2021 XBIZ Award as "Adult Game of the Year."

"Now more than ever, smaller, more intimate swinger parties are gaining in popularity," a rep explained. "We’ve developed a product that isn’t just a game, but a socially erotic experience for hosts and party guests."

"We pride ourselves with pioneering new product concepts," added the rep. "This game immerses the pleasure-seekers in a progressively interactive journey from a social icebreaker 'Meet & Mingle' to sexy 'After Party' foreplay and playtime. 'Meet & Mingle Swinger Party Edition' — where the game is the party."

All six editions of the erotic party games are available for wholesale and retail distribution at TheDeviateNetwork.com and DevierBoutique.com.

In related news, Deviate Network recently launched a line of CBD products. Follow the company on Twitter.



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