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In The News Deviate Launches 6th Edition of 'DV8 Dare' Erotic Card Games

NEW YORK — The Deviate Network has announced the release of the sixth version of its DV8 Dare line of erotic games with "DV8 Dare Meet & Mingle: Swinger Party Edition."

The company's "DV8 Dare RolePlay Erotic Coupons: Couples Edition" was nominated for a 2021 XBIZ Award as "Adult Game of the Year."

"Now more than ever, smaller, more intimate swinger parties are gaining in popularity," a rep explained. "We’ve developed a product that isn’t just a game, but a socially erotic experience for hosts and party guests."

"We pride ourselves with pioneering new product concepts," added the rep. "This game immerses the pleasure-seekers in a progressively interactive journey from a social icebreaker 'Meet & Mingle' to sexy 'After Party' foreplay and playtime. 'Meet & Mingle Swinger Party Edition' — where the game is the party."

All six editions of the erotic party games are available for wholesale and retail distribution at and

In related news, Deviate Network recently launched a line of CBD products. Follow the company on Twitter.



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