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The alternative lifestyles, a new alliance

The Lifestyle stigma.

Alternative Lifestyles~ according to the Urban Dictionary it means, Any socially-unconventional lifestyle, esp. sexual.

To me, alternative lifestyles are only seen as un-conventional because mainstream culture views them as immoral. We are taught from a very early age that sexuality is taboo and not a topic of open discussion; that an individual has to fit between the guidelines of social or religious acceptance in order to be "normal". Our society dictates that a relationship should only be between a man and a woman; that gender assignment is determined at birth, and that it is obscene and indecent to have sexual interactions with anyone else but your spouse or partner.

Forging ahead!

Until recently, I saw that we were gaining strides for acceptance; reaching milestones, however small, and that people were willing to educate themselves to be more tolerant of the fact that a persons right to choose their sexuality should be based on an individual decision, and not what society deems as appropriate. Our current and proposed laws feel like a direct attack of a persons right to chose their own lifestyle, and in their truest forms, are facing severe discrimination.. An interference against our sexual freedom to love who we want and to be who we are.

Educating the masses.

I support healthy sexual exploration and experimentation between consensual adults. I believe that sexuality is up to an individual and is subject to change at different stages of a persons life. I believe that society should not determine what is right for you and what should make you happy. Alternative lifestyles fall into such a wide range of different likes, curiosities and fetishes. Due to the lack of education and understanding about the topic, unless you are willing to open your mind and hear the alternate side of it, we will never be free, truly free to express who we are and what we need in order to be fulfilled.

How can you help?

It's simple get involved, donate, share, spread the word, it's our lifestyle. Let's protect it. Visit


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