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Condoms Are About to Come in 56 Different Sizes!


The condom company ONE will release a line of condoms this fall that comes in 56—that's right, 56—sizes that mix and match different lengths and widths. This includes condoms that are both larger and smaller than you can currently get in stores, as well as a whole lot of medium-sized ones.

Their smallest length is 4.92 inches, which breaks from previous industry standards requiring a 6.69-inch minimum. The longest ones are 8.19 inches, and the width ranges from 1.77 to 2.52 inches. (For what it's worth, research has found that the average erect penis length is 5.19 inches, so it makes sense that plenty of men would be smaller.)

"Research consistently shows that many men avoid condoms because they do not fit or are uncomfortable," reads an announcement on ONE's website for its "myONE" condoms. Some studies have found that many men have complaints about standard-size condoms, whether it's that they're too short, too long, too loose, or too tight. And sinceregular-sized condoms are 7.9 inches long, many men may find them too big.

At the same time, though, according to the Condom Depot Learning Center, it's pretty uncommon for the condoms available at your local drugstore to be too small. If a regular one doesn't do it, an extra large will accommodate 2.25 inches around and 8.1 inches long. Plus, men who say their condoms hurt their ability to get erections are probably BS-ing, since research has found that condoms don't increase a man's chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

But hey, penises do come in all shapes and sizes. Anything that can get guys to practice safer sex is a win in our book.


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