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Since 2009 Deviate Network has
provided safe fun and exciting. Exclusive Members only Adult & Lifestyle Events in the Beautiful New York Hudson Valley.
Lifestyle Education for new couples seeking to explore alternative lifestyles.

Deviate Network Events


We feature upscale intimate lifestyle events with members who are real & verified. Our attention to detail at every event shows. We believe in quality not quantity. 

We attract sexy, fun and attractive couples and single ladies, who are looking to make connections in the lifestyle. 

All of our events are exclusive 100% members only.

These Events provide a fun secure, private environment to meet sexy like-minded couples and single ladies in your area. 


We boast some of the most unique venues on the East coast. 


Check out our events calendar for a list of upcoming events.


Lifestyle Education


Lifestyle Education is one of the most integral aspects to make your swing experience a positive one.  When you think about swinging, most individuals flashback to the stories from the 1970's and key parties; Drop your keys in a bowl, pick out another set, and that's the person you sleep with.  Well, not exactly.  There are many variables that come in to play long before that.  Whether you're just curious, or you're ready to introduce the idea to your partner, The Deviate Network wants to make sure that your introduction to swinging has the best possible outcome.  We offer New couple orientation, Educator Q&A panels, and now, Ask DV8; where readers can ask questions anonymously and receive a response from his and her perspective and our experts.  Our vast network includes liaisons within the poly, nudist, and BDSM communities, so no question is off limits.

Naughty or Nice?


So.. you've seen 50 shades and now you're running out to buy your own flogger and set of handcuffs. Hot and sexy?  Absolutely!  Safe and Legal?  Not a chance.  After spending a few years with top Doms in BDSM, We have come to learn that even this alternative lifestyle has its' boundaries.  There are learned techniques for safety, including the ability to recognize body language as a safe word. Deviate will take you down the path less traveled, introduce you to our experts, explore new horizons and broaden your perspective in the BDSM alternative lifestyle.



This was by far the best event that we have ever been to. L and K are great hosts and you will not find a more fun and comfortable, sexy party anywhere. Large enough to attract a variety of people yet small enough to maintain an intimate mood. We can t wait to go back. J&D.”


Excellent host - all around professional and sexy. We've been to other group events, but these guys are different. Actually, they're better. Very impressed.



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