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Ask DV8 - Mr & Mrs DV8 have a combined 20 years in the lifestyle, hosting swinger and bdsm lifestyle events. DV8 participates in various lifestyle related events and expos.

DV8 wants to make sure that your introduction to swinging has the best possible outcome.  Experienced educators in new couple orientations, Q&A panels, and now, Ask DV8; where our readers can ask questions.

Our vast network includes liaisons within the swinger, poly, nudist, and BDSM alternative lifestyle communities, no question is off limits.

Your information will be kept confidential 


ask dv8.

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Our contributors include swinger and fetish lifestyle veterans from around the country.

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" Dear DV8 - My wife and I are interested in swinging. How do you recommend we get into the lifestyle? "

Swinger 34 

Jan 6 2020

" Dear Swinger 34 - We recommend exploring the different lifestyle sites. Beware craigslist, backpage.

We've written reviews of our top 5 favorite sites.

Look for real and transparent profiles and swingers with certifications"

Lifestyle events aka Swinger parties, is another great way to take a look into the lifestyle and get to know other people in the lifestyle without the presure of a one on one date. Look for couples only meet & greets in your area from reputable event hosts that offer new member orientations. 

We highly recommend reading our piece 



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